Why should we use kimera.ai ?


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Apr 25, 2018
Kimera is combining powerful Artificial Intelligence with Blockchain to evolve the global digital network to be able to proactively make peer-to-peer connections across any industry.

Intellectual peer-to-peer connection
The elegance of the distribution model of Kimera is that peer-to-peer connections are not competing with incumbent intermediaries.
Instead, they are bypassed, making the human-machine interface even more intrinsic to the original human intelligence. Billions of dollars currently collected by these intermediaries will not disappear.
People are going to pay things and companies continue to offer advertising, but by distributing revenue to people, device manufacturers, network operators, software / content developers, manufacturers add connectivity to things Then effectively pass to the next 1 trillion devices.
These 1 trillion devices capable of peer-to-peer connectivity acquire the sensor data necessary for Kimera's AGI to acquire the necessary knowledge to advance humankind and to improve both miniaturization and large-scale problems Offers

Current interpretation states that, while we are building an exciting utility for the tokens, these tokens are considered securities.for more info visit at https://kimera.ai